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The Designer's Inspiration

Drawing and Designing has been a passion for me for almost two decades now. "Woodland,” “Beach themed,” “Freeform florals,” “Natural unpolished rock” are all motifs I love to use to make one of a kind jewellery!

I love to make Jewellery that echoes the shapes and patterns in the rocks I use. My necklaces are crafted to reflect design principles and motifs found in the beauty of South Africa. 

I believe in beauty and utility. I’m inspired by the patterns in the glass beads I use, and I like to echo those in the piece’s overall look!Each jewellery is handmade with simple tools and a lot of self-critique. Following are some examples of "The Inspiration" I came across while designing these unique pieces:


These brightly coloured pair of Murano earrings, made in silver metal are inspired from spray painting that I came across at an Art Gallery!


The above pair of earrings made with the Gemstone Smoky Topaz that has been carved specially to match the theme of dried twigs, is actually inspired by the season Autumn!


This bold pendant in Murano and metal stands out due to the pastel colours and the combination of Geometric shapes that it has been inspired from.

                                                          By TORAL SHAH